Sassa still finalising electronic system to apply for R350 unemployment grants

Johannesburg – Sassa said it is still busy with the R350 unemployment grant where people can apply online.

“There’s a difference between normal social relief of distress in the form of food parcels and the new R35 #COVID-19 SRD grant. Dial 0800601011 for the normal. We’re busy finalising systems for this new R350 grant please don’t call us as yet for it we’ll publicise procedure soon,” tweeted Sassa.

Sassa also said that there has been a lot of fake news following the President’s announcement. There has information going around with an email address and telephone number to contact for the grant. However, Sassa said they are still finalising an electronic system for people to get the money.

When the electronic system is finalised, Sassa will announce it to the public. They are pleading with South Africans not to call the toll free numbers regarding the unemployment grant as is only food parcels and other social grants.

Social grants will be paid on 04-05 May for older persons and disability grants and all other grants will be paid on 06 May.

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