Saudi to allow women into a stadium for the first time

Saudi Arabia has invited women for the first time to attend an annual national celebration. People will be one of the country’s most used stadiums to celebrate the mark of the Kingdom’s 87th National Day.

King Fahd Stadium is Riyadh is usually used for most of the country’s football games. In the past only men were allowed to attend this kind of events. The women will be allowed to attend the event with their families. Their stadium is said to accommodate up to 40 000 people. These stadiums will be divided to accommodate people who come alone and people who come with their families. This country has some of the world’s tightest restrictions when it comes to women and globally it is the only country that does not allow women to drive. If a women wishes to travel, study or engage in some activities they have to be given permission by a male family member. Normally the person who has to grant permission is normally the father, husband or brother.

According to a report issued by Saudi Press Agency, families will be separated from single men. Women were excluded in the past celebrations because of the strict rules the country has and follows. They are excluded from the sport arenas by their strict rules on segregation of the sexes in public.

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