Sbahle Mzizi wins Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Congratulations are in order for Sbahle Mzizi who has been awarded the Favourite African Kidfluencer at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

When asked why she thinks she won, the little one responded: “because I’m smart, I’m beautiful, I’m black and I’m leadership.”

Reacting to her daughter’s historic win, Ntando Duma said that she was “emotional”.

“My baby WON!! I’m such a proud mother. Thank you, Nickelodeon for the nomination and a big Thank you to everyone that voted for my baby Sbahle.

“Side Note: I’m a MOTHER of an international award winner please, so talk to me nice and address me correctly,” she wrote.

Ntando also gave a big shout-out to her phenomenal sisters and mothers for “helping her raise her daughter to the incredible dynamite she now is.”

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