Scholz to take over from Merkel as German chancellor

Olaf Scholz will be sworn in as German chancellor on Wednesday, leading a three-party government that takes over from Angela Merkel after 16 years in office.

The German parliament, where his coalition has a substantial majority, will first vote him into office.

His new government is formed of Social Democrats, Greens and Free Democrats.

The handover of power also marks an end to Merkel’s 31-year political career.

63-year-old Scholz steered the Social Democrats to election victory in late September, positioning himself as continuity candidate because he played a key role in the Merkel government as vice-chancellor.

Following the vote in the German parliament, the Bundestag, he will go to see President Frank-Walter Steinmeier before returning at midday to be sworn in.

Since the election his party has worked with the Greens and business-friendly Free Democrats on a coalition deal, which was finally signed on Tuesday. He is set to take over from Merkel at 15:00.

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