School shooting puts pressure on Florida lawmakers to act

Parkland- The deadly shooting, the shooter Nikolas Cruz killed seventeen people last week in a Florida high school, the massacre has put pressure on the state’s Republican-controlled Legislature and congress to act and enact tougher gun laws.

The students are planing a march to Washington in an attempt to get law makers to ban on assault-style rifles.

The planned on the March 24 in Washington has raised millions as many well known celebrities are supporting the march. As Hollywood stars George and Amal Clooney has donated $500 000 and Oprah marching this donation.

Diego Pfeiffer a senior at Stoneman high school said, “We’re here to make sure this never happens again.”

Lawmakers in Congress have said, “We need to make sure everything is working and to learn from the experience,”

“I really don’t want to see this politicized into a gun debate,”

Whilst Democratic Senator Gary Farmer of Broward County says this is not enough, “That’s unacceptable. That’s a joke,” said.

“I don’t see that as a restriction. It never should have been that an 18-year-old could buy an assault weapon. No Floridians should be able to buy an assault weapon.”

“I am not going back to school until lawmakers, and the president, change this law,” said student Tyra Hermans who traveled to Florida to attend a rally against assault style rifles.

Hermans continued, “Three people I looked to for advice and courage are gone but never forgotten, and for them, I am going to our state capital to tell lawmakers we are tired and exhausted of stupid gun laws.”

Photo Credit-NBC News

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