Self-isolation: a make or break moment

Cape Town – During this person if self-isolation, many across the globe have taken upon themselves to re-invent themselves and make themselves useful from home.

South African actress Sandi Schultz shares how she has found herself making her small contribution towards the fight against COVID-19. Being the creative that she is she started out by creating masks for herself, her partner as well as a few friends who had made orders after seeing her social media posts. She was then approached by a neighbour of a friend, who works as a medical professional, if she could help make a few masks for other personnel in the medical field to wear in taxi rides on their way to work and back.

Schults admits that this isolation period has given her a chance to engage in creative tasks to keep herself busy and if this period were to be extended then she would not be too affected. As a freelance actress she admits to how she had been out of work for 6 months planning to go for auditions for various roles prior to the lockdown, therefore her work was not necessarily affected.

The actress explains how she considers herself blessed to be isolated in a home that has access to the internet and a swimming pool and is provided with the means to stockpile, momentarily. She is also aware that this is a luxury that the vast majority of the country does not share.

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