Senegal to unveil new airport

DIASS, Senegal – Senegal will today unveil its new “Blaise Diagne International Airport” in Diass, seven years later than originally planned.

Economists believe the new airport, to accommodate a capacity of three million passengers, will contribute positively in boosting the country’s economy.

Senegal is among other African countries that invests heavily in tourism, and the airport is set to promote an efficient, convenient and effective transport system to accommodate tourists from around the globe.

President Macky Sall will today cut the ribbon and officially announce the Blaise Diagne International Airport (AIBD) open at midday (1200 GMT) or (14h00 CAT); before a plane from new airline Air Senegal makes its first symbolic take-off.

Named after Senegalese MP, Blaise Diagne, constructions of the airport started in 2007 on the 645 million-euro ($767 million) under former president Abdoulaye Wade, but a change of a construction company have repeatedly delayed the project and ballooned costs.

According to officials, plans to increase the number from three million to ten million travellers to use the airport are in the pipeline.

Officials say the new airport will ease pressure to other small airports in the country that have become synonymous with chronic traffic jams and long waits due to an increased number of passengers.

The new airport boasts six footbridges direct to flight cabins, and major international airlines are expected to operate from the airport.

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