Sex Worker Robs Clients

Bulawayo – A 23 year old sex worker was convicted after she was found with 9000 dollars worth of goods, of which she stole from two clients and a shop in the city centre of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

 Police discovered that the lady, Itai Muzambi, had stolen 25 cell phones. It seems she always waits for the client to fall asleep prior to the laundering of their possessions.

She was reported to have stolen a Samsung Galaxy phone and an Itel cell phone, worth $500, when the client fell asleep in the car after their session. She also stole $237 from a client’s EcoCash account when he also passed out while they booked at a local motel.

Muzambi also encouraged her boyfriend, Xolani ncube, of breaking into a cellular store, where they stole laptops and cell phones worth more than $6000.

Muzambi pleaded guilty to one count of theft before Bulawayo magistrate Ms Nyarai Ringisai. She was found not guilty to theft, unlawful entry into premises and being found in possession of property suspected to be stolen. She is to be sentenced on Monday.

The magistrate said Muzambi was trying to put all the blame on her boyfriend, Xolani, for the stolen phones when they acted in common purpose. Her companion has not been charged as he fled before he could get caught.

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