Sexist, creepy,: Jacinda Arden’s 60 Minutes interview angers New Zealand

AUCKLAND- New Zealanders have criticised an interview with their prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, as “creepy” and “sexist”.

In the Australian current affairs show 60 Minutes opening segment, that aired on Sunday night, the veteran anchor Charles Wooley describe the 37-year old Arden as “attractive”.

“I’ve met a lot of prime ministers in my time,” Wooley says, filmed while strolling the corridors of Parliament House with Arden, the camera pulling in for a close-up on Arden’s smiling face. “But none so young, not too many so smart, and never one so attractive.”

Wooley further says that like the rest of New Zealand, he is “smitten” with their prime minister.

“Admittedly, although somewhat smitten just like the rest of her country, I do know, that what’s really important in politics has to be what you leave behind,” says Wooley.

This interview was quickly met with derision from many New Zealanders on social media, who leapt to Ardern’s defence at having to endure the overly personal line of questioning, and dismissed Wooley as misogynistic and inappropriate.

“How did a nice person like you get into the sordid world of politics?” Wooley asked Ardern.

To which Ardern replied: “Nice people get into politics.”

Wooley also asked about her pregnancy which appeared to make her and her partner, Clarke Gayford, rather uncomfortable.

Although the overwhelming response to the interview was of shock, some seemed to have enjoyed the casual style, describing the piece as “complimentary” of Ardern.

Photo Credit-The Guradian

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