JOHANNESBURG- Former president Jacob Zuma former financial advisor  Schabir Shiak has confirmed that he has not been subpoenaed to testify against him, saying the media had the wrong perception of the situation.

He explained that he had been approached by the Hawks following the decision by National Prosecution boss Shaun Abrahams to prosecute Jacob Zuma but says he was not subpoenaed.

The two were accused in 2005 of improperly benefiting from the controversial multi billion rand arms deal.

Shaik say he will only testify if he is only subpoenaed too during the matter.

He said, “If I’m subpoenaed by the court of law, I’m obliged by law to attend the court, failure which I’ll be in contempt of court. That’s what we’ve been saying consistently, and now the perception or the view that I’m going to be testifying against anybody blows my mind.”

Mokotedi Mpshe who was the acting NPA head when he withdrew charges against Zuma in 2009 said he had no regrets, he said,

“I made my decision given the prevailing circumstances at that stage. A person who makes a decision makes an informed decision as I did. And it does not mean that one who makes a decision and it gets turned later, he is to be condemned and to be found to have been completely wrong.”

Photo Credit- SA Breaking News


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