Sharks donate R1million to help rebuild KwaZulu-Natal

While KwaZulu Natal has been devastated by the recent civil unrest, the outpouring of generosity and the commitment to work together to rebuild the province has been nothing short of inspirational.

To this end, the Sharks, through the generosity of their shareholder MVM Holdings, have committed a starting contribution of R1-million towards a #handsofhope campaign aimed at rebuilding the province by uplifting communities and people’s livelihood.

#handsofhope is a message of positivity with the focus on achieving good and to show what we, as South Africans, can achieve when we join hands to work together for a common cause.

The Sharks are currently talking with the Kolisi Foundation and Beast Foundation to assist with the implementation of the vision of this campaign.

“Identifying and rebuilding community infrastructure will assist in the creation of jobs which is a sustainable effort. We hope that with a phased approach like this, we will be able to reach as many people as possible in KZN, alongside the selfless efforts of others who have shown such generosity of spirit, to rebuild this province,” said Shark CEO Eduard Coetzee, speaking about the launch of the relief campaign.

“Our relief efforts have been strengthened with a substantial contribution from MVM Holdings, led by the extraordinary Marco Masotti, who are committed to seeing our beautiful province thrive and I cannot thank them enough for always being by our side and willing to assist.”

“Ubuntu speaks of the spirit of community, of the engagement of us all and the rewarding influences that positive actions produce. The more hands that are involved, the more lives that are touched and enriched the greater the rebuilding will become. We therefore call on our stakeholders and fans to contribute, where possible,” added Coetzee.

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