Shock over assault of woman at Luthuli House

JOHANNESBURG – The Commission of Gender of Equality (CGE) have responded with shock over a assault of a women at Luthuli House in full view of the police by ANC branch secretary Thabiso Setona during a protest of pro Zuma and Anti Zuma protesters.

The commission has released a statement addressing the shocking visuals, “The Commission is also shocked that nobody came to the assistance of a powerless and helpless woman who was being assaulted even whilst lying on the ground.” “The CGE is equally worried that there was lack of police action to either stop the beating or apprehend the perpetrator of this heinous crime.”

The protest erupted between ANC pro Zuma protests and Anti Zuma protesters at the headquarters of the ANC, after a group of Black First Land First (BLF) van was attacked by a vehicle approaching the Luthuli House building.

Video footage shared widely in social media and aired on news network shows Thabiso Setona a branch secretary in the Johannesburg region, kicking a womn whose on the ground already. Setona was immediately suspended after the footage emerged, and Setona has handed himself in to the police at Johannesburg central police station.

CGE also raised the alarm that the footage indicates a troubling sign of South African society, “The beating clearly shows we are a society that has normalized violence against the most vulnerable people of our society‚ in this case a defenseless woman. In the year 2016 alone‚ a staggering 182‚933 cases of assault were reported.”

Photo credit: SABC News

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