Skeem Saam fans ready to write a petition to ‘save’ character Wallet

JOHANNESBURG- Skeem Saam fans have not been lucky as late, just as character of the popular soapie on SABC 1 have resigned that Leshole and Kwaito had the worst luck in the world, then came in Wallet.

Wallet the hospital porter, played actor Molefi Monaisa, lived a jetset life before his life went downhill and got a job in Turfloop.

However fans fear that the character will commit suicide or disappear from the show after a series of events that have led them to believe this theory.

Wallet has gone through a lot on the show and the last straw for fans was when he quit his job to enter a arts competition and did not receive a nomination.

Wallets words had social media in tears after he said, “some of us are born to be blue. Loss becomes a recurring theme in our lives”.

Fans went on overdrive explaining they worried for him and angry that the scriptwriters of the show have never given him a break.

Fans were drafting their own petition to “save” Wallet.

Photo Credit- via SABC- YouTube

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