Skolopad Goes Gaga on Pink Carpet

Johannesburg – Skolopad’s controversial fashion sense is always landing her big headlines post-awards ceremonies in South Africa.

The socialite and professional nurse stepped out at the Feather Awards dressed as a braai. Yes, Skolopad turned heads dressed in boerwors meat, carrying charcoal as her purse.

The socialite has had previous controversial red carpet outfits and poses that left the country stunned. Just when we though she couldn’t shock us more, she does just that.

When she was questioned about her outfit she said she was inspired by the “quick meat”. “People have been saying beef, I don’t have beef, I like wors and after this (awards ceremony) siyabraya (we are going to braai wors)” she said.

Her meaty outfit received mixed reactions on social media but the nurse is not new to criticism.
Some comments from the audience bashed her for dressing up the way she did, some are just used to her shocking outfits but some were encouraging her bravery.
She has built a fan base, who enjoy and encourage Skolopad’s style and the thought she puts into her yearly awards outfits.

Skolopad’s wors dress was a transparent material with features of wors meat covering her breasts and genitals, while the back was covered with layers of lace in form of a tutu.

We can’t wait for the next ceremony to see what she has in store.

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