So someone cloned your car’s number plate? Here’s what to do in SA

Vehicle-related crime  in South Africa is on the rise though the list of offences goes beyond hijackings and car theft. While it may not be as common as those crimes, vehicle number-plate cloning affects many SA motorists, reports Law for All.
Law For All said: “Much like identity theft, this means that a criminal can pass of your information and details as their own, and it has widespread consequences.
“While exact statistics aren’t available for the nationwide prevalence of number plate cloning, it’s been reported that around 1 in 5 vehicles in Gauteng have had their plates copied.  These duplicates are used by other motorists to avoid paying traffic fines and e-toll fees, and it’s frightfully easy to obtain a fake number plate.”
Law For All said: “Various investigations from local news outlets have uncovered that fraudulent number plates can be obtained relatively easily.  Apparently, it is as easy as walking into an SABS-approved shop and ordering one – without having to produce an ID or license disc.  Of course, there are a number of ‘backstreet’ outlets that sell fake plate as well.”

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