Social shutdown in Bamenda as Cameroon forces kill civilians

CAMEROON- Security forces in Cameroon have killed at least five civilians in the country’s restive Anglophone region from late last week through the weekend, multiple sources have disclosed. Two people were reportedly shot dead, on a Friday, on a road linking Bamenda (capital of the northwest region) to a neighbouring town of Bafut.

A source said the security officials opened fire on occupants of a vehicle after they delayed in stepping out after they were stopped.

Another person was killed in the Belo region when armed officials invaded private homes ostensibly in reprisals after two officers were killed in the area. The authorities blamed the armed separatists for the deadly attacks.

A young was also shot dead late Saturday while he was enjoying his time. His father confirmed the death after seeing his son’s body t the morgue.

“We were going back home when the gendarmes arrested us. They opened fire at our vehicle because some of us were slow to get out,” said the victim’s brother.

“My brother died after being shot. There were four of us in the car, I managed to escape and the other two were arrested,” he said on condition of anonymity.

Over 43,000 Cameroonians have fled to Nigeria to escape the government crackdown on the separatists, local aid officials say. The majority are in Nigeria’s Cross River state, which borders southwest Cameroon.

Photo Credit- AfricaTime

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