Solidarity Fund raised over R3billion since its launch 7 months ago

Cape Town – The Solidarity Fund on Wednesday said it had received over R3-billion since it was launched seven months ago.

Billions have been pledged by businesses and individuals to support the country’s response to the Covid-19 outbreak and to contribute to humanitarian relief efforts as the lockdown brought the economy to a virtual halt.

So far the fund has allocated R2.2 billion to various projects.

“It’s been a tremendous and inspiring show of national and global unity in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequence of the lockdown,” said Adrian Enthoven, the fund’s deputy chairperson.

Enthoven said a number of their projects were completed or nearing completion.

“In line with our commitment to ongoing transparency and accountability, the fund is issuing reports as and when initial information on impact becomes available. Last month, we issued six new reports across our pillars and a further four are scheduled to come out by month-end,” he said.

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