Solidarity wins court case to have ECD centres reopened

Johannesburg – Solidarity has scored a victory in the fight to have early development centres reopened immediately.

That is the ruling by Judge Hans Fabricius at the high court in Pretoria.

Solidarity had approached the court to fight what they argued was government prejudicing privately owned ECD facilities.

The judge also outlined that the expert evidence submitted sufficiently proved that children benefited greatly from being in a learning environment.

He also said that children need mental stimulation and access to nutrition programmes, particularly for those disadvantaged backgrounds.

Judge Fabricius relied on the scientific evidence that suggests children are less likely to die from Covid-19, that they are less infectious than adults and have been found to suffer symptoms of the virus.

Children were also less likely to infect teachers.

The ruling paves a way for facilities to open but the judgement makes it clear that all ECD facilities should follow Covid-19 guidelines and precautions in order for learning to start.


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