Solomon Ashoms Denied Appeal in Alph Lukau Case

Johannesburg – Controversial Nigerian journalist and publisher Solomon Izang Ashoms was today denied leave to appeal in the High Court of South Africa. This after Izang Ashoms was found guilty of fabricating lies against Johannesburg pastor Alph Lukau.

Last year Johannesburg High Court judge Majake Mabeselethe ruled that Izang Ashoms had fabricated deragatory statements against the Sandton pastor, his wife and his children and was found guilty in the court of law in the Alph Lukau vs Solomon Izang Ashoms court case.

SA High Court Rules Against Solomon Izang Ashoms’ False Accusations on Pastor Alph Lukau

Below is a public apology issued by Solomon Ashoms to Pastor Lukau of Alleluia Ministries church in Sandton. 
According to Times Live on  11 December 2017 Izang was instructed by the judge to not speak another fabricated word against Lukau who was found innocent of accusations brought against him.

Read the story by TIMES LIVE here

Izang Ashoms had in May been ordered by the Johannesburg High Court to stop publishing defamatory comments about pastor Alph Lukau‚ his wife‚ or his church. This after the court found him to be lying and inciting the media on fabricated stories of misconduct in Lukau’s church.

Soon after the guilty verdict was slammed on Ashoms, he went on to publicly comment on Lukau’s brand new Rolls Royce which according to the church and court reports was a gift from his congregants. Solomon’s comments on social media led him back to court. See below.

Times Live reported: “Johannesburg High Court judge Majake Mabesele found Izang in contempt of court for his latest comments about the Rolls Royce and the penthouse‚ and sentenced him to 20 days imprisonment‚ suspended for two years.

The judge did not take offence to Izang’s post‚ but rather to a Bible verse he quoted in response to a comment made on his post.

The judge said in his ruling: “The respondent never published‚ directly‚ statements which defamed the applicants. However his positive response to an adverse comment that the first applicant is a false prophet indirectly defamed the applicant. Therefore the respondent should be found to be in contempt of the order granted.”Izang’s lawyer‚ Terry Scott‚ said: “We are going to appeal this. We do not believe he said anything defamatory or derogatory. In the past he might have been wrong but now his attitude and intent was good‚” he said.”

On 17 November 2017 the HIGH COURT OF SOUTH AFRICA found him guilty and in contempt of court; he was sentenced to 20 days in jail with 2 years suspended sentence should he again make any false allegation against Alph Lukau in private or in public.

 Nigerian Journalist Salome wrote – “I first learnt of Solomon Izang Ashoms a few years ago in my home country of Nigeria as he launched a vicious attack of slander on prominent Nigerian pastor Chris Akhiyilome of Love World Ministries. He also went on to attack TB Joshua and yet again with not a shred of evidence to back his claims except for the fact that he is against prominent Christian leaders. What Pastor Alph of Alleluia Ministries has done sets a precedent in how journalists have the right to freedom of speech but no man has the right to slander, conjure lies and defame another under any circumstance. And in this case the law has taken its course and it has been exposed that he lied about all these pastors for his personal benefit.
I put it to you – is it legally, ethically and socially permissible for a journalist to create and fabricate news to suit personal fame? If someone has the title “journalist” should that not mean one who presents facts and truth with no personal agenda? It is time that freelance journalists are brought to book and governed by the law without affecting the lives of innocent public figures.”
Of the Pastors who have been victim to his slanderous and manipulative attacks include; Pastor CHRIS OYAKHILOME (Love World), Prophet TB JOSHUA (SCOAN), ArchiBishop ZONDO (Rivers of Living Waters Ministries), and Prophet SHEPHERD BUSHIRI (ECG Church) just to name a few.
Popular South African Musician Judith Sephuma also found herself a victim of his malicious attacks on Facebook and took to her Facebook Page to publicly dispel the lies and rumours spread against her by Solomon. 
Read the full article here…
Pastor Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International church
 Pastor Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International church
Pastor Alph Lukau of Alleluia Ministries International: Images on Facebook


  1. let this be a lesson to many that servants of God are not our matter how you feel or think keep it to yourself.dont test God or mock Him.

    • We are all servants of God once baptised in the name of Father Son n Holly Spirit. Why should we be troubled and run to law courts, stand before n judged by human courts. Jesus is our pillar, strength, judge, our everything. Carnal mindset should not bother us…

  2. Apologies after such a heinous act? Solomon Izang Ashoms, you’re a fellow countryman (a Nigerian) but you are not permitted to write about issues you know nothing about.
    Hope Pastor Lukau withdraws this suit against you, else, you’re in for real trouble brother.

    Paul H,
    FCT, Abuja, Nigeria.

  3. How can u fight the anointed or speak bad of them?? The Bible says touch not my anointed ones. I think this punishment has Grace in it, more could’ve happened to u brother. Change ur says

  4. I don’t recall anywhere in the scripture that Jesus christ ever took someone to court, so was stephen as well as Paul. If these guys trully are servants of God and preach the doctrine of Christ, they should not be troubled or impacted by the so called malicious and defamatory stories! There is a need for a migration from elementary principles to level of maturity(Hebrew 6) If at all the gospel of peace is central to their ministries. WHY ARE THEY TROUBLED AND RUNNING TO THE LAW COURTS? Quite identical to a carnal mindset, serving the law of the flesh…!!!

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