South Africa wins big

CAPE TOWN – Cape Town has the South African flag flying high but not just the South African flag but also the African flag.

The City of Cape Town has won World Travel Awards after many South African tourism products have been named the best products not just in South Africa but in the whole continent.

South Africa has received the impressive title as the leaders in the tourism field in Africa as a whole.

The country was seen as leaders in tourism judging from the airports, hotels, conference and a number of other thongs the country offers tourists or visitors.

In addition to this according to the statistics released by the MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index the City of Johannesburg also came on top as the most visited place not just in South Africa but in Africa as a whole.

At the 2017 World Travel Awards, the major and popular cities in South Africa won big. South Africa won big reflecting the broad, quality tourism the country offers its visitors.

Cape Town received an award for Africa’s leading airport.

The Palazzo Montecasino in Johannesburg won an award for Africa’s leading casino resort in 2017. Then lastly Durban won Africa’s leading meetings and conference destination in 2017.

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