Minister of Transport to Transform the Transport Industry

The South African Department of Transport is committed to making major and positive radical socio economic transformation in the country’s transport sector.

According to the Minister of Transport Joe Masanganyi the Department of Transport is not only making commitments but they are moving beyond words to practical programmes.

He went on to say during the 2017 October month of programme, that they will focus on programmes and projects that will create employment through infrastructure and direct transport the Department of Transport offers.

According to the statement he released, he said that there’s an obligation in his department to challenge the 3 major challenges faced by the South Africans.

These 3 major challenges faced by South African citizens are inequality, poverty and unemployment and they cannot postpone any further.

The Department of Transport aims to improve access to economic opportunities, social spaces and services by creating affordable, reliable and safe geographic distances.

According to the minister if the transport sector falls the country’s economic system will also suffer, because goods and services cannot be moved from point a to b.

This will also mean that unemployment rate will increase further. Businesses benefit directly when goods can be moved faster or a lower cost.

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