South African Supply Chain Manager’s Payslip Has Others in the Profession Envious, “Tax in SA Is Kinda Wild”

A Supply Chain Manager's salary had many people impressed by how much they earn.
  • A TikTok creator shows different professions’ payslips, and she posted one about how much a Supply Chain Manager earns.
  • South Africans were surprised to see the monthly salary of one Supply Manager who submitted their payslip.
  • Online users were impressed with the pay, and other Supply Chain Managers gave their thoughts on their earnings.

A TikTok creator specialises in showing people the earning potential of different professions. In one of her latest videos, the lady revealed what a Supply Chain Manager could earn.

The detailed payslip left many amazed by the deductions. Online users also shared their thoughts about how much the Supply Chain Manager earned.

Supply Chain Manager’s salary shared in TikTok A TikTokker, @lifereset_za, posted a fascinating video about payslips of different professions. The video shows that this Supply Chain Manager earns R62 000 net monthly.

Other SA Supply Chain Managers react to payslip People love seeing detailed payslips. The Supply Chain Manager’s pay had some in the same profession commenting on how lucky the employee was. Many admitted that they don’t get paid even half. This salary in the video is above average, as Payscale reports that supply chain managers earn R487 000 per annum on average.

Tumelo Kubheka commented:
“Most supply chain managers are not getting this. How much do most supply chain general managers get if managers are getting this much?”

Health worker’s payslip gets 1M views, Mzansi up in arms over tax deductions

Briefly News reported that a creator on TikTok posted a medical worker’s payslip. The lady’s content focuses on the reality of having a job in some of the most sought-after professions in the country.

Online users were fascinated to see details of how someone who works in a hospital environment is remunerated.

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