DURBAN – A notorious gangster from Umlazi Township, south of Durban was shot dead by a police officer a few weeks ago. Sandile “Chillies” Bhengu was shot dead by a police officer while he was removing a tracker from a stolen vehicle. After the death of the kingpin in a Durban hijacking syndicate, a song was released in his tribute.

Many people have blamed the police for shooting this man. Before his funeral people took to facebook their outrage about the shooting of this gangster.

They wanted revenge for his murder. They had his picture as profile pictures and statuses on their social media platforms. His memorial service and funeral were to the standard of a celebrity or one of the countries officials. People came out in numbers to witness the “ordeal”. Roads were closed, mourners were dancing to loud music , guns were fired in salute and engines revved.

People totally forgot the brutality of this man. People forgot that it was this same man that brutally stole other people’s hard earned cars. Criminals are celebrated in South Africa. This was not a matter of “all lives matter”, but South Africans felt that a notorious gangster was supposed to be left to walk freely.

This is not good message to be sent out to the youngsters in townships. They ought to know that criminals do not belong in the society.

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