South Africans need to reject illegal goods

FILE PHOTO: Lucky Strike cigarettes are seen during the manufacturing process in the British American Tobacco Cigarette Factory (BAT) in Bayreuth, southern Germany, April 30, 2014. REUTERS/Michaela Rehle/File Photo

The Director of legal and external affairs at British America Tobacco Southern Africa has advised all South African to buy illegal goods, because it impacts badly or negatively on the economy.

There are hawkers in all the country’s major sections selling DVD or a hot single that is not yet on the shelves. The director urges the South African citizens to ask themselves the following questions before they buy from these hawkers.

How did they get hold of this material, why are they charging low prices and how is that they are the latest movie or music that is not yet on the shelves.

Those are illegal products that are reproduced in bulk they are normally organized by criminals and they are sold on the black markets or informal traders and anyone who want to make money very quick.

The problem with these products does not only lie on the fact that they are illegal, they also rob the artist their intellectual property, their ideas and main source of income.

One of the biggest challenges with illegal products is also the fact that taxes such as excise duties and VAT are not paid by these criminals that reproduce these goods. The illegal goods are not only DVDs and CDs they also include illegal cigarettes.

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