South Sudan food survey sees 155 000 in famine within months

A mother gives food to her child with malnutrition in a clinic in Old Fangak, Jonglei state, on August 18, 2017. The international community observes August 19 as the World Humanitarian Day, with this year specifically for the protection of civilians and aid workers. / AFP PHOTO / ALBERT GONZALEZ FARRAN

SOUTH SUDAN- The UN officials and many aids groups in South Sudan have announced they are predicting a return of a famine within the next few months, between the months of May and July.

With 155 000 people likely to be severely affected by the famine, it will be a dire situation for the region.

The survey predicts that 5, 3 million people,  48 percent of the population, are already in “crisis” or “emergency”  stages three and four on the five point scale with 155 000 could be at stage five, a famine, later this year.

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Serge Tissot of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization in South Sudan said, “The situation is extremely fragile, and we are close to seeing another famine,”

“The projections are stark,” he added.

“If we ignore them, we’ll be faced with a growing tragedy.”

The UN has declared famine in the country twice before, including in February 2017 but the crisis subsided in June the same year.

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The ongoing conflict has continued since 2016 when a peace deal between Machar and Kiir signed in August 2015 broke down several months later.

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