South Sudan women abuse is double the global average

Juba – According to the new study released on Wednesday, the violence against women and children in South Sudan is double the global average.
The new study release was released by the International Rescue Committee and George Washington University’s Global Women’s Institute.
As the world’s youngest nation approaches its fifth year of civil war, rape has often been used as a weapon by both government and opposition forces.
The civil war has resulted in the death of 50 000 people and more than 2 million flee abroad.
Around 65% of the interviewed victims are victims of sexual or physical abuse.
Chuol Madol said in October when she left the Juba camp to look for wood to use for fire she was gang-raped by government soldiers.
“Women were crying but we were so deep in the bush that no one could help us,” the 27-year-old told the media. “We’re not fighting anyone. We’re only here, trying to live”
“As we have seen in South Sudan time and again since this war started, armed forces on all sides engage in sexual violence with impunity. It is used both opportunistically and as a weapon of war to intimidate, punish and abuse civilians,” said Jehanne Henry, a senior Africa researcher for Human Rights Watch.

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