Spain to raise minimum wage in 2019

Madrid- Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Wednesday that his cabinet has approved a bill that will increase the minimum wage by 22% to 1,050 euros (R16,999 ) in 2019.

The increase is “the biggest since 1977”, the increase will be submitted to a cabinet meeting in Barcelona on December 21, Sanchez was addressing parliament on the latest changes.

“A rich country can’t have poor workers,” said Sanchez, who is widely expected to call an early general election next year.

The decision was based and helped by his minority Socialist government’s draft 2019 budget, unveiled in October, but the bill has struggled to pass in parliament, so he can declare its decree.

Sanchez’s Socialist’sparty just control just 84 seats in the 350-seat parliament, the smallest number for a ruling government, since the country returned to democracy following dictator Francisco Franco’s death in 1975.

Photo credit- International News


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