JOHANNESBURG – The Department of Sports and Recreation has called for the suspension of SuperSport analysts Nick Mallett and Naas Botha.

This call comes after fellow analyst Ashwin Willemse walked off set, alleging unfair treatment by his colleagues.

According to the Sports Ministry it believes Willemse’s response was based on being called a quota player by both Botha and Mallet and says they must be suspended until an investigation is completed by the Supersport.

The video shows Willemse saying he was labelled a quota player during his career and accuses Botha and Mallett of patronising him, the video has since gone viral.

As cameras were rolling live, the award-winning former rugby player expressed his disappointment and added that he is happy that this is now unfolding for all to see.

The incident has divided people, with some saying Willemse overreacted whilst others have completey  supported him.

The Sports Ministry says SuperSport will be endorsing alleged racism if Botha and Mallett are not suspended until an investigation is completed.

Spokesperson Vuyo Mhaga said, “Obviously, we’ll call for that [suspension], up until an investigation is done by SuperSport. Failure to do that would be an endorsement, by the sports broadcaster, for an alleged act of racism against Mr Willemse.”

Mhaga added that the department is expecting SuperSport to conduct a full investigation.

“We [Sports Ministry] expects SuperSport to do a full investigation. Every time elements of racism try to come up we must condemn and isolate it.”

Photo Credit-EWN

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