State capture report: Calls for prosecutions

Johannesburg – Outa CEO Wayne Duvenage says every individual implicated in corruption and state capture needs to be held accountable.

Duvenage was reacting to the release of part-two of the state capture report.

In details allegations of corruption at state-owned enterprises Denel and Transnet.

He said the evidence has been provided and now it’s time for prosecutions to follow.

“As we said the evidence that was represented then and again now, so much has happened and it’s good to see these coming out at the commission. This commission is so important to society because from here there’s no turning back, people need to be held accountable,” said Duvenage.

“Those who participated in the capture of the state, who hope now that the report has been finished we can see accountability. That’s what gives people hope, without accountability we lose hope because our criminal justice system is letting us down.”

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