Steenhuisen defends ‘fact-finding’ trip to Ukraine

Johannesburg – The criticism for visiting Ukraine is not fair and immature. That is the view of DA leader John Steenhuisen.

He says politics is not one-dimensional, and it’s important to focus on a variety of issues.

Steenhuisen’s trip to Kyiv has been questioned, with many saying the DA’s efforts and financial resources should be focused on South Africa’s problems.

“If one looks back to my diary for the past three months, I’ve been to where ever there’s been a crisis in South Africa,” he said.

“People tend to think politics is one-dimensional, and it’s not. You can be concerned about the domestic issue and at the same time you can be concerned about international issues.

“I think people must refrain from looking at it from a one-dimensional angle. My fear is that we are heading into a winter of discontent and it’s driven by poverty and hunger.”

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