Sudan protesters burn tyres after bread price hike

KHARTOUM – Sudanese police fired tear gas at protesters burning tyres and blocking road in Khartoum and areas of Blue Nile and Darfur on Sunday. The protest was a result of soaring bread prices, said witnesses.
This week, bread price more than doubled as result of flour manufacturers raising their prices amid dwindling wheat supplies after the government decided to no longer import grain and allowed private companies to do so.
Police fired tear gas at students who were throwing stones outside Khartoum University. Similar protest erupted in war-torn areas of Blue Nile and Darfur states.
Students and residents in the Blue Nile town of Damazin were heard chanting “No, no to high bread prices!”. Similar chants were heard at rallied in the Nyala and Geneina areas of Darfur. Citizens were quick to upload pictures and videos of protests on social media sites.
“The price of bread is only rising in Nyala because many bakeries closed due to the shortage of flour,” said one of the residents. But a government official in Nyala said the situation there was under control.
“Police have dispersed the protesters. Our security forces are ready to deal with any disturbances,” he added under anonymity. Bread prices soared to 450 Sudanese pounds ($25) for a 50kg sack from 165 pounds, after the cost of flour surged.

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