Suicide Bomb Kills 5 People in Kabul

A suicide bomb killed 5 people and left 1 injured. It is reported that on Wednesday a young female blew herself up in front of a mosque in Cameroon’s far north. It is said that the area in which this incident took place is frequently target by the notorious Boko Haram.

This attack and the number of people who died were both confirmed by a reliable security source in that area. This attack is said to have taken place in Sandawadjiri, just 15 km from Nigeria’s north eastern border. According to Amnesty International statistics Boko Haram’s attacks since April this years have left nearly 400 people dead in both Nigeria and Cameroon. 158 of the almost 400 deaths have taken place in Cameroon. The number of death were said to be result of the increasing number of suicide attacks in this area. Most of these attacks that took place in the far north on Nigeria were blamed on some of the attacks initiated by Boko Haram. According to some reports more than 2.8 million people were the victims of these attacks since 2009. Twenty thousand people were killed and more than 2.6 million were left homeless due to these attacks.

Boko Haram is said to seek to create a hard line Islamist state in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim North.

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