Suleman vs Zambia: “Don’t Touch My Anointed, Do My Prophet No Harm”

LUSAKA – Pandemonium broke out yesterday as police reinforced immigration laws to force a Nigerian pastor of Omega Fire Ministries in Lusaka, Austine Obosele from his house in Ibex Hill where he had holed up with his family to avoid deportation.

 The pastor’s pregnant wife, an assistant pastor of the same church was arrested for fighting policemen who were forcefully removing her husband from the house.

 The church congregation also took part in the melee that followed with some chasing the police vehicle, while others were going inside the house to retrieve the children who were choking on the teargas.


Earlier, the police tried to break down the main door to the house where pastor Obosele and his family had locked themselves in with a big hammer, when immigration officers went to pick the pastor for deportation.

 The armed police officers also threatened to throw teargas in the house if the family did not voluntarily open the door, with congregants begging the officers not to take such action as there were children in the house.

 After several attempts by police to break down the thick door, the pastor’s wife opened the door and thumped on one of the female immigration officers.

 “What do you want from us, we told you to leave us alone, we have done nothing wrong but you keep on following us,” she shouted.

 When the pastor came to the rescue of the wife, who by then was pinned down by police officers, with congregants also trying to help out, one of the officers fired a teargas canister.

 The congregation scattered in different directions, while a few brave ones, those choked with teargas tried to retrieve the children who were still in the house.

 The pastor’s wife was immediately dropped at the nearby Kalikiliki Police Station, while the husband was taken to the immigration Head Office with the congregation trailing them.

 According to online publisher, the Government of Zambia has given pastor Austine Obosele 48 hours notice to leave Zambia.

Zambia has decided not to renew the employment permit of Austine Obosele due to his conduct which is reported as causing the church in question (Omega Fire Ministries) to split into two parties.

OFM was founded by Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Speaking from Lusaka, Chief Government Spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga was reported as saying “it was feared that with the Pastor’s continued stay in the country, the acrimony in Omega Fire Ministries could result into the breakdown of law and order.

Pastor Obesele was given 48 hours to leave the country, in accordance with the Immigration and Deportation Act number 18 of 2010.”

Ms Mulenga added that “contrary to speculations, the Government has not closed Omega Fire Ministries and was not against Nigerian Pastors.

“Omega Fire Ministries Headquartered in Nigeria is free to send a senior pastor to come and help reconcile the membership in Lusaka. Members of the church should avoid speculation and remain calm as matters are being dealt with the church authority,” she said.

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