Swazi King to make a 19 year old virgin his 14th wife

Mbabane – It is Swaziland’s tradition that at every reed dance, known as Umhanga, for the king to pick a virgin to be his next wife.

This reed dance first started in the 1940’s as a way for women to not engage in sexual acts before they were married. The reed dance usually takes place towards the end of August.

Only virgins are allowed to attend this reed dance. The annual dance takes place at the royal residence. They sing and dance for the king, the royal family and other spectators.

t the end of the reed dance the king chooses one girl to be his wife. At this year’s reed dance Swaziland’s King Mswati lll picked his 14th wife, a 19 year old girl. Siphelele Mashwama was picked from about 40,000 girls who participated this year.

The young girl is the daughter of one of Swaziland’s cabinet ministers, Jabulile Mashawana.

The girl is a graduate of the Waterford Kamhlaba Wold University College. Her husband to be, 49 year old King Mswati lll has already divorced three of his wives.

He is a father to over 30 children from all his other wives.

Swaziland citizens love their culture.

They still celebrate their culture. Young girls look forward to the annual reed dance and therefore opt to keep their virginity.

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