Swedish royalty taking to the front lines to assist health care workers amid coronavirus pandemic


Covid-19 has left thousands around the world unable to fend for themselves which has led to an increase in support from the rich and famous.

In Sweden 35-year-old wife of Princess Sofia, wife of Prince Phillip, took a three-day course to become a medical assistant in order to help healthcare workers, putting herself directly in the frontline of it all. The princess shared how she has been placed in one of the hospital’s care units where she will work with other newly trained colleagues to support and assist with various tasks.

All across the globe other high profile people such as celebrities, government officials, members of royalty are all working to fight against this pandemic and finds ways of alleviating the suffering of those that are not as fortunate. Such support ranges from handing out food parcels in less fortunate areas or offering assistance in the medical field to assist practitioners with an increased influx of patients.

British royal members have also been engaging in their part by checking charities and virtually opening hospitals to care for the country.


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