Takealot is preparing for a massive Black Friday sale – up to 80% off

Online retailer Takealot says that its 2017 Black Friday sale will be the biggest it has ever had. CEO, Kim Reid, says over 15 000 products will be discounted starting 24 November.

 The majority will see up to 60% off the normal price tag, and some prices going as low as 70% and 80% off.

 Takealot has dubbed its Black Friday weekend sale as the Blue Dot Sale, which will run for five days. That is from Black Friday on 24 November, through the weekend to Cyber Monday 27 November.

 The retailer said it will then follow up with Takealot Tuesday on 28 November.

 Takealot will start the Black Friday deals earlier- from 20 November– with app only exclusive deals, since noting a big rise in the number of mobile users.

 Reid said the company has not seen much of a slowdown during the year, despite the struggling economy and the tough year seen in 2017, and is only expecting volumes to increase over Black Friday and into the festive period.

 Technology products, toys and fragrances traditionally perform well on Black Friday, but they are anticipating a spike across all categories, that is according to Reid.

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