Tanzania: Masogange Escapes Three-Year Jail Term

TANZANIA- Aganes Masogange well known in Tanzania as a video vixen and star twerker escaped a three year jail term earlier this week after she paid 1.5 million fine, after she was convicted of two counts of using narcotic drugs by the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam.

The Principal Resident Magistrate Wilbard Mashauri convicted Masogange, who is a resident of Makongo Juu, of using narcotic drugs after being pleased by evidence produced by three prosecution witnesses.

In his ruling he found that the prosecution led by State Attorney Constantine Kakula, provided evidence beyond reasonable doubt, that Masogange committed the offence she was charged with.

The magistrate sentenced Masogange to either pay  1 million shilling fine or go to jail for two years on default of not paying the fine for using Heroin (Diacety Imophine), as stated in the first count.

She was first sentenced to pay 500 000 or serve 12 months in prison for the first count added to the second count of using Oxazepam type of narcotic drugs which was two years. The judge ruled the jail terms would be run concurrently, this meant if the star did not pay the fine she was going to an extra two years if she did not pay the fine.

The convict decided to pay the fine for the crime committed which happened on February 7 2017 at an unknown location in Dar es Salaam.

Because she did not have any previous criminal record, a severe sentence would of  adverse effect to the society and would deter other people from engaging and abusing drugs.

Photo Credit- howwe.biz


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