Taxi Drivers Vs Gangsters

North West – Taxi Drivers apparently attacked and assaulted a boy suspected of being a nyaope addict this morning in Rustenburg.

After the arrest of the two taxi drivers who assaulted the boy was made, the taxi drivers of Rustenburg refused to transport people and blocked a road.

The assaulted victims were allegedly gang members, which caused a stir between the two crews. When police attempted to intervene but their car was reportedly damaged.

One of the assault victims was paraded naked by the taxi drivers who were carrying lethal weapons such as knobkerries.

 An eye witness reported: “He was bleeding, his back was slashed with a sjambok… I am not sure that boy will make it.

The public expressed their feelings on their social media, one Tweet said: “There was a taxi rank war between taxi drivers and some gang if apparent drug dealers or users at Rustenburg taxi rank yesterday. I’m in support of the taxi drivers so far. If police can’t do it, let someone else do it.”

Some people went as far as warning others not to go anywhere near the Rustenburg taxi rank as chaos erupted between the two parties. As police could not manage to put an end to the fight, the people had to go home as it was not a safe place.

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