Teachers Suspended After Sexual Allegations

Two High School girls have reported their teachers for sexual harassment at a school near Kuruman in the Western Cape. The Western Cape Department of Education is investing sexual harassment charges brought by 2 pupils.

One of the learners decided to come confide into one of her Life Orientation teacher, seeing the fellow student confiding in her teacher the second pupil decided to do the same. One of the learners say her teacher has been telling her that she wants to sleep with her every time he sees at the streets of their village. According to the learner this went on for 8 months, every time she met the teacher she’d tell her the same thing when he was drunk. This week the Western Cape Department of Education has suspended 3 teachers and 2 of the 3 teachers were arrested and they have appeared in court. One of the 3 teachers is still under investigation. After telling her Life Orientation teacher she called all the 3 teachers to a meeting and confronted them one of the teachers confessed to harassing one of the learners and the other one denied the accusations.

Their families of the girls are worried about them. They are also worried about how they are going to be affected, the people who have hurt them are the people who were suppose to protect them.

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