Teen’s Head Found Weeks after Body Discovery

Kwazulu Natal – A 30 year old man has been arrested as a suspect to brutally killing a teenage girl in Bizana. Nikhwe, the teenager, was brutally murdered near Bizana, where the protestors took to the streets the anger over the whole case.

Her body was discovered weeks ago while her detached head was discovered recently. The 30 year old man was arrested last Saturday and appeared at the Mbizana Magistrate’s Court on Monday this week.

The teen’s body was brutally stabbed all over, including her genitals, while her head was missing.

A local lady confessed that her boyfriend, who was not a local, had told her that he had been instructed by a nyanga to find a head of a teenager in order to become wealthy.

The lady was reported to not have been in the area during the time of murder, as soon as she heard the murder story, she came forward to tell the police what her boyfriend had told her.

 The police caught the man and arrested him on accounts of the murder. Although he has not been sentenced yet, the police spokesman, Captain Edith Mjoko confirmed the arrest.

 The family of the teenager could not comment anything at this point, besides the fact that they are happy they will finally lay her to rest.

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