The City of Cape Town is planning to take over Metrorail

A member of the Mayoral Committee for Transportation and Urban Development in the City of Cape Town Brett Herron announced that the City of Cape Town intends to take over Metrorail.

According to the statement Herron released the City of Cape Town intends to take over the management of commuters in Cape Town, the Western Cape Province.

According to their plan, Metrorail will continue to provide transport, while the City will work on maintaining and operating their infrastructure.

This follows after one commuter almost got injured in one of their train station in Cape Town.

This City is planning to fix all the components used by Metrorail so that will convince the commuters that the rail services are still a viable option.

According to Herron the rail system which is currently operated by PRASA has been in a state of constant decline. This is due to the fact that since 2015 the number of commuters has fallen by 30%.

Only four out of ten trains are on time and 11% trains are cancelled.

Although no specific time line was given for this project but soon the City of Cape Town will assist Metrorail to try and prevent the train operator’s services from collapsing.

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