The Expulsion of Rhodes Students Sparks #RhodesWar

Eastern Cape – Rhodes University faces accusations from students and the public after two student activists protesting against rape were banned from obtaining their studies from Rhodes as well as any other University.

Students are finding it unfair that two students who were protesting for something positive and good, which is actually one of the major crises in our country, get the boot, while a rape-accused student only received a 10 year ban from the university.

The Rhodes University noted in a statement with concern of the deep misinterpretation of facts and attempts at manipulating public opinion by some of the students who have been excluded from the University for committing criminal acts.

“None of the charges against any of the students relate to the protests which took place in the same year or to the anonymous publication of a list of alleged rapists,” they said in a statement.

“While the two recently excluded students did indeed take part in the protest, their participation in the protest had nothing to do with the charges against them,” they continued.

Some of the reasons the two students were excused for include kidnapping and assault, amongst other things.

Public opinion and what actually happened at the university are two different stories, although people are still convinced of the bias in the ruling of these cases.
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