‘The Jerry Springer Show’ set to end after 27 years

NEW YORK- The Jerry Springer Show”, which became a symbol of low brow television with its on-air fights, swearing and infidelity revelations, is set to end after a 27-year-run, a spokeswoman said on Thursday.

The show will be brought from NBC Universal by CW, the joint enterprise between CBS and Warner Bros, they intend to show re-runs but has no plans to commission new episodes.

“The Jerry Springer Show” which was started in 1991 started as a show that focused on social issues in the United States and politics. The show was hosted by the-then lawyer and former politician Springer he served as the mayor of Cincinnati in 1977.

In efforts to boost rating, Springer switched things up by focusing on outrageous content and controversial topics. During the show, guest would speak of their family problems, exposing family secrets, cheating partners and other fist filled encounters.

Springer would be seen trying to mediate the situation, hope of bringing healing, but the encounters often led to security holding back guests who intended of harming each other.

During the 1990s the show topped the ratings in Daytime television, even beating Oprah but in recent years the shows ratings have been dropped but it’s still seen by most parts of America.

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