The Renewing of Asylum Permits is forcing Learners to Skip School

JOHANNESBURG – It is reported that learners in Gauteng are being marked as absent so that they can go renew their asylum permits. These permits can sometimes take days to be renewed so some learners have to be absent from school for many days than they should.

They miss out on school work and some of their learners are missing out on exams. Some of these learners in Pretoria always get up very early so that they can be at Desmond Tutu Refugee Center that is in Pretoria but even though they have to be there as early as 4am and be absent from School they have to keep coming back because their documents need to be processed. Some of these learners are born in South Africa even though their parents are from other countries, but the still waiting for their refugee status to be settled.

One of the parents is complaining saying Home Affairs should make life easier for their children. One of the children has been complaining about hurting feet but they have no choice as they have to wait for their turn.

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