The social justice of Morocco seeks justice

Marrakech – It’s been a year since a fisherman’s gruesome death fueled a wave protests against police abuse in Morocco.

Since the 26th of October last year, the northern Moroccan town of Hoceima has seen unrest stemming from the death of a 31 year local fish seller.

This local fish seller was crushed by a garbage truck, this happened while he was trying to take back a valuable swordfish that was taken by the police. According to the police it was taken because its sale was “illegal”. After this incident a protest called Hirak Rif was held with the aim to demand social justice and economic development.

According to the statement released by the Human Rights Association (AMDH), in May this year, Moroccan authorities managed to crack down the Hirak Rif’s leaders and a large number of its followers. They arrested between 330 to 400 people. But the movement is still protesting.

On Tuesday,  four government officials were fired by the  Moroccan King Mohammed VI, this followed after the alleged delays in development programs meant for Hoceima.

Even though the Rif Republic was dissolved just five years later in 1926, that is still marked by the Moroccan people.

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