There has been years of ongoing chaos in Libya that has been a result of two opposing sides. The chaos has left the word peace as merely a word with no meaning in the conflicted country. The chaos ensued in 2011 after the uprising that left dictator Moammar Gaddafi dead. The war that current stands in this African country is between rival parliaments, governments and the militias who each have their own agendas and have contributed a lot to the chaos. Later in 2011 the rival leaders came to an agreement of cooperation. In 2017 Libya still experiences the chaos because none of the rivals wants to step down or compromise their own gain. The world stood and tried to let the troubled country sort its own issues.

Due to no issues being resolved and the country still experiencing the chaos, the United Nations Security Council has decided to welcome recent efforts to bring the opposing sides together and restore peace in the troubled country. After years of the opposing sides failing to restore peace in their own country the United Nations Security Council has marked the mediation as top priority.

A lot of progress can be made in a short period of time, if only the sides can come together and reach conclusions that better the country and the lives of those residing in Libya.

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