Over 2 million birds dead in the Western Cape by bird flu

The South African Economic Opportunities MEC Alan Winde released a statement stating that over 2 million birds have died in the Western Cape due to pathogenic avian influenza known as bird flu.

In the statement Winde went to say that since August the Western Cape Province has reported 36 cases of bird flu. In a statement Winde released in the beginning of September stated that the number of birds culled was 200 000.

Western Cape is currently the worst affected province in the country. According to the South African reports this is first that South Africa has detected in poultry.

There are about 29 million commercial farm chickens in the Western Cape Province and an estimated of 185 000 birds are backyard birds.

This has really affected the economy of the Western Cape Province as well as the country.

More than 900 000 households buy eggs in the Western Cape Province and another 1.2 million household buy chicken meat from this Province.

The 1.2 million households depend on the main animal as their main source of protein. Majority are poor households.

According to the Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nations, this disease has been confirmed that more than 45 countries have been affected by this disease. Those countries include: Germany, France, the United Kingdom and India.

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