BOKSBURG – African National Congress President Cyril Ramaphosasays it will become clear through different initiatives that there is no single solution to the land question.

The president says it requires a range of interventions to address a diversity of needs across a wide range of circumstances when it comes to the issue of land.

He was speaking at the ANC’s first Land Summit in Boksburg on Saturday.

President Ramaphosa says different avenues need to be explored as suggested by various sectors and that clear programs are needed to assist emerging agricultural enterprises.

“When you allocate land close to urban centres for housing for the poor and when you provide our people with serviced sites and title deeds to their homes, you unlock the economic value of that land.”

The president says the resolution of land expropriation without compensation is a transformational instrument.

“Without giving the poor the means to productively work and farm the land, we will not be able to defeat poverty.”

The workshop is set to continue on Sunday.

Article sourced from EWN

Photo Credit- EWN

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