There have been reports of about R84 000 that has been spent of bulletproof vests for parliaments bouncers.

An invoice leaked that revealed that Parliament has bought more protective gear for their bouncers. The main role of these bouncers is to remove from parliament disruptive and unruly members of parliament (MPs).

Members of parliament however have expressed that this is a way that parliament will instill fear into them. Guns are not allowed in parliament.

Members of parliament are searched for guns before they enter parliament. The purchase of bulletproof vests only suggests that there will be guns in parliament.

This is unconstitutional and violates the rights of members of parliament.

This additional protective gear that was purchased is expected to arrive days before President Jacob Zuma’s last question and answer session of the year in the national assembly.

This session will run over a course of three days where the first day will be used for questions, the second day for answers and on the third day the president will give his annual address.

Members of parliament have indicated that the bouncers do not make them feel comfortable. The suggestion of bulletproof vests, suggests guns and more violence in parliament.

Parliament will comment on this decision at a later stage.

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