Three Prison Escapees Wanted in Cape Town

Cape Town – The search is still on for 3 escaped convicts. The three prisoners were at the Elliotdale Police station, awaiting their trials. Two of the suspects had been arrested for an armed robbery while the third man was wanted for rape and murder.

The three apparently escaped through two policemen, overpowering them while they were conducting cell inspections over the weekend.

Search parties have been sent out to not return until they find the three suspects as they are still awaiting their trials. It was not reported on whether the search parties have any idea of the direction the three suspects headed.

They did, however, warn the police to not get close to the suspects as they are possible armed and very dangerous.

“One of them requested to go and fetch something at the registration area and the other two followed, that’s when they managed to lock in the members and they fled,” said the police’s Dineo Koena. She added: “We request anybody that knows them, that they don’t arrest them as that is dangerous.”

Nothing more has been added on the search events but police from Cape Town and the Western Cape have put this as one of their top priorities as the three suspects are danger to the public. The suspects have not been identified to the public as yet but more warnings shall follow.

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